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  • 999 – The 911 equivalent for the UK and Ireland.
  • LemSip – well known cold & flu remedy in the UK & Australia
  • CBeebies – A BBC television channel aimed at children 6 and under.


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One of the true blessings of being back in the educational environment is exposure to whatever bug is currently in vogue. This being said, I’m surprised at how little I get sick. I don’t take the best care of myself, and by the best care I mean mediocre care. Let’s plug our new findings back into the aforementioned statement just to make it clear: I don’t take mediocre care of myself. So you can understand how surprised I am when my housemates fall to the left and right of me with unfortunate illnesses as I walk through unscathed. Perhaps the positive effects of coffee and lethargy have not been studied enough.

However, this week I have not been so lucky. I have fallen ill with what some have identified as in-flu-in-za. This apparently common ailment has helped me raise my body temperature (at times) to 102+ and left my eyes sensitive to the touch – oh, and it hurts to look right, left, up, or down. A result of the having such a body temperature was a nostalgic favorite of mine – chills.

The last time I had chills was April 19, 2006 – this being the day that will live in Matthew Prentice infamy: the day I came down with malaria. Laying there shivering, my mind floated almost two years back to memories of ice packs in strategic areas of the body and with good friends caring for me as I laid on the linoleum floor. I was oh so thankful for Cami, Faye, and Michelle way back then.

Thankfully, my fever has broken today. I hope that this is the beginning of the end for this battle with the “flu” (as the kids are calling it these days).