Washing Machine Love

I don’t think this qualifies as “Possible Larium Madness,” but I did dream last night that I had returned home and was hugging my stacked washer and dryer. On a related note, I did my laundry by hand yesterday.

A Spider Sat Down Beside … Him

From the category of “possible larium madness” …
So I’m in bed and I “see” a spider near my pillow. I try to smash it, but I just can’t seem to hit it. I end up crawling out of bed onto the floor in pursuit of the foul beast, wondering if I’m making too much noise for my roommate to sleep. I end up jabbing it in half with a piece of paper. Upon doing so little baby spiders that look like thin lines come pouring out of the carcass. I then stab those with the paper and go back to bed.
I was pretty sure that this one wasn’t real during, but it was still fun while I was in control of the spider!

Now, now, now, now

While asleep on the flight over the pond to London, I thought I heard an announcement coming over an intercom in the cargo hold beneath the plane saying: “Could a technician come to the security belt please. Now. Now. Now. Now.Now.Now.Now.Now.Now.Now.Now.Now.Now.”

Did it really happen … I don’t think so. But it was vivid.