Royalty … On My Level

For those of you that don’t keep up on Ibero-American politics regularly (this includes me), here’s an interesting piece in which Hugo Chavez chastises the former prime minister of Spain (in absentia) for being a fascist (translated: Hugo thinks anyone that has ever agreed with Bush is a fascist). The following video picks up as the current prime minister of Spain defends the former as an elected representative of Spain, and therefore should be respected as such. Watch as Hugo, the awkward uncle of the party, keeps talking after his mic is cut off. Toward the end of the video you’ll see a third party leans into the picture and say “porque no te calla?” This third person is the king of Spain, Juan Carlos I, saying, “why don’t you shut up?” Personally, I find this hilarious.

DDR Master

Whether you know, care, own, despise, or even pray to Dance Dance Revolution (DDR), you must admit that this guy has some moves. For those of you that don’t know, DDR is a video game that calls out dance steps and the player must properly perform them on a “power pad” (yeah 8-bit Nintendo) -style mat.

How To Fold A Shirt

It turns out that I’ve been wasting countless hours my entire life, or at least since I’ve been folding shirts. The Japanese have come up with an amazing new way to save time for you to do better things, simply by folding shirts faster.

The posting of this video has been shamelessly stolen from Broken Stained Glass.