Doing What You Love

I could philosophize a bit with this post and come up with a really powerful challenge to seek out what makes you come alive and to pursue it with all your heart. I could, and you should probably do that to the extent that you can still provide for your family, eat, & have a place to sleep. Instead, I’m simply going to highlight someone who seems to be doing that. He’s single, so that helps with the number of mouths to feed (at least for now … ladies?!). However, Jason Harrod has been travelling around the country for at least the past ten years playing guitar for small to medium-sized groups. In the 10 or so times I’ve seen him perform the largest crowd had 200 people. The average crowd has been about 30. Honestly, I don’t know how he does it year after year, but I’m glad he does. He puts out an album every five years, which means a new one should come out this year. My innermost prayer is that it isn’t overproduced like his last album and is more like his first solo album Living in Skin, which you should buy at this moment. In any regard, check out Jason, and help him live the dream.

Oh, he has is own Wikipedia page, so you know he’s legit.