My To Do List

If you would have asked me a few years ago what kind of things would be on my to do list in the present, I’m pretty sure that I would not have responded with getting vaccinations for yellow fever, hepatitis b, hepatitis a, typhoid, and/or rabies. On second thought, maybe rabies would have made the list (as I enjoy both the wilderness and animals – a combination that can be fraught with danger), but I’m pretty sure the others would not have come to mind. But as it stands, these are all on my current list of things to do. The humor of placing such tasks on a list next to “get milk” is not lost on me.


So … I’ve realized that I’m not very good at this blogging thing, nor am I very good at setting it up. I’m trying to update this web real estate, but without much success. I have ideas. Oh yes, they’re up there. I’ll try to get them out here for all to see. It could be messy.

Eavesdropping …

To those of you who have faithfully checked this blog, I say two things: I am sorry for the extened period of utter uselenessness of this space and you need to find a good book. But (hopefully) no more. Life seems more interesting these days. I should share some of this with you.

I eavesdrop on my friends. I even eavesdrop on people I don’t know. Ah, the Internet. I’ve gotten into the wonderful world of reading others blogs. It it as if people leave their journal on top of their beds with the key in the lock in front of a door by which everyone in the world can shuffle. I saunter by most. Frankly, most people have very little to say and what they do say is not worth spending sweater lint to read. “Harsh,” you say? In that case I must demand the residue of your favorite cotton blend from last winter. The buck (or lint) stops here. I think more people should take up rap to express themselves. Take some lessons from Mr. T on expressing yourself.

But where was I? Oh yes, eavesdropping. I have good friends. Even those with whom I have fallen out of consistent contact, they are very good people whom I respect and admire. I was eavesdropping on one such friend today and fell humbled by his honesty, brokenness, wisdom, and hope. His ability to see signs of hope amidst such suffering is evidence that he understands something that most do not. He takes the offering of hope when bitterness and despair are offered as the soup du jour. There is much for me to learn from him and my other friends.

So I introduce them to you, at least to eavesdrop. They’re over there … or maybe over there … there’re somewhere on this page. Maybe one day you’ll be blessed with the opportunity to meet them in person. Consider yourself blessed, if so.

That’s all for today.

An Update

Thanks to all of you who have continued to check back for updates during my absence. It’s been quite a while, but many of you have been checking back regularly. I’m honored. Thank you for your patronage and please check back soon for a more detailed update.

Step One – Explain self to world …

Ok. How do I start this? Consider yourself privileged: this is my first-ever web log (blog for those of you web-savvy cats) entry and you have stumbled across it. Thank you for coming alongside me during this momentous event. I’m actually cheating by composing it in a downtown Starbucks. I’ve talked with the guys behind the counter and they’ve agreed to sponsor this event. So, this blog entry brought to you by Starbucks.

I feel as though I’m on dangerous ground for several reasons. I shall now itemize said reasons:

1) I’ve attempted to attach a corporate sponsor to my website without seeking proper permission from the Man in Seattle. I’m ok with this. Oh, I would definitely lose in court on this issue, but I would then factor in the amount of money that I’ve already paid to “The Man” and we’d call it even. Perhaps I’m unaware of a historical court settlement that I’m paying off $3.74 at a time.

2) I’m attempting to place my thoughts, feelings, opinions, and pictures … daresay my life on bulletin board for the entire world to see. Who are you and the other two people who’ve been here to read into my life? Stop judging me. On the other hand, this is completely voluntary, so there is no fault on your part (sorry about the judging comment). This still leaves the concern that all this stuff is coming almost unfiltered from my head to the worldwide web. I guess at some point I determined that I was ok with this and purchased my domain name. So, cautiously I will press on.

3) I’m already feeling a hesitation to do this because of the time commitment. This writing stuff takes a lot of time. I get bored easily. My thoughts are many times frenetic. I guess you’ll have to just take my table scraps of time. Considering that you’ll forget about this site the moment you navigate away from the page and see the Cubs won another game, …. ah, never mind. You probably stopped caring about point 3 and want a fresh one.

4) I spent so much time on the previous two items that I forgot my real hesitations for putting my stuff on the web. Therefore, I will continue with non-itemized text. I sit here preparing my self physically and mentally for my 11:00 a.m. dentist appointment. Rapidly I chug my Grande Verona, now wishing that I’d ordered a tall so as not to waste black, velvety goodness. I’m sure that my dentist will appreciate my love of coffee twenty minutes from now. so as not to let you think that I am completely heartless, I purchased two tins of wintergreen Altoids (I saved $1 by buying a pair) and am packing a toothbrush to clean up my pie hole before sitting in that ever-so-comfortable chair. I place a considerable importance on oral hygiene. You should too. Your teeth are more valuable than diamonds. At least that is what an ADA commercial told me a few years ago. Don’t go trying to sell them, or even trade them for real diamonds. Logically, trading something more valuable than diamonds for real diamonds would seem like a good deal for the person with the diamonds, but those people don’t see it that way in reality. Also, the tooth fairy only gave out quarters. This fact caused me to grow up with a skewed view on the value of diamonds, but that is beside the point (as if there is any iota of a point thus far).


Ok, so who am i really? I’m still learning about this daily. So, form your own opinion about me. I’m secure enough to take it. I probably would have been affected by your opinion of me back in high school – probably all the way until I was a sophmore in college. But not now. Yep, I’ve grown up. Now wait, wait … don’t take this the wrong way. I still value you highly as a friend (or a stranger if you’ve come upon this page in error). You are very special (or unknown) to me. That is why I’ve informed you of this page. Well, not really this page. I probably told you about the picture page. That page is a whole lot more exciting.
Now, you are faced with two options: ?1) Learn some trivial information about me (see below) which will either a) either tell you nothing more about me than you already know, or b) tell you much more about me than you already know (if you are currently in the stranger category). ??2) Go directly to the image gallery. I would recommend this option. (NOTE: Currently down)

  • Height: 5′ 11.5″
  • Birthday: November 7
  • Favorite Food: Cherry-flavored Pez
  • Biggest Fear: Grape-flavored Pez
  • Favorite Movie: Better Off Dead
  • Book of the Bible I’m currently reading: Acts
  • Books I’m currently reading: John Adams – A Biography, Wild at Heart, The Ragamuffin Gospel
  • Favorite Character on Full House: Uncle Joey
  • Twinkie or Ding Dong: Ding Dong, unless the Twinkie is deep-fried
  • Current Favorite Saying: Whoa! (cf Joey Lawrence)