And I must be 13 …

Alternate Title: Beauty in Nature

Rubber Glove Bird
Rubber Glove Bird

My friend pointed this, what I believe to be, naturally occurring instance of middle school humor. Am I 13 again, probably. It’s the simple things in life that make it fun.

No Flu for Me

It turns out that I am flu free, or at least an athletic-looking man with a stethoscope informed me on Friday (side note: besides the implicit claim to be a doctor that comes with working in an office where nurses that stick swabs up noses, I saw no doctoral credentials other than his general appearance of an athlete and the stethoscope … oh yes, he was wearing a shirt akin to the soccer apparel from Dead Poet’s Society … but I digress). After giving me the results of my flu test, however, he had no other specifics other than the equivalent of “something’s wrong with you” (loose translation). He added, “if it doesn’t go away by Monday, come back,” and to that my mind added, “and we’ll stick you with needles.” So, in short: Good news, no flu. Bad news, you’re sick.

That was Friday. Since then there’s been a good news update on the aforementioned bad news. The fever has dropped and much good pizza has been consumed.

I will take this opportunity for a horrible transition on the pizza plight currently experienced in Seattle. I have yet to find what I would consider “good pizza.” Now when I say “good,” I really mean, oh I believe the technical term is “freaking amazing.” Unfortunately there is much mediocre pizza to be consumed with many amazing people. (Note: If ever there is a lack of quality in anything, add quality people and the situation will improve.) A few good friends have offered up their favorite pizza joints as possible grails in my quest, yet all have fallen short. I mean no ill will toward my friends; my tastes and standards are simply different.

If anyone in the greater Seattle area has a pizza that he/she believes can compete with the likes of Lou Malnati’s, Giordano’s, Bazbeaux, and/or LaRosa’s pizzas, please let me know.